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Each year, 250 tons of 100% sustainably and organically farmed fruit and vegetables grow on a farm of over 150 hectares.

The fruit and vegetables represent the “core” products of the Green network, and form a large proportion of the material costs.

The stated goal of the SALADBAR GREEN IS BETTER group is to supply its whole network with very high-quality products in real time.

Managing the manufacturing chain is the target objective because this presents several advantages for our members, in particular in terms of costs since the Moroccan* network has seen its costs-income decrease very slightly : –35% on the F & L sector, i.e. approximately 6000 euros per restaurant per year !

*10 restaurants open to date, with 20 units scheduled by 2017.



A team of SALADBAR GREEN IS BETTER franchise and license holders from Morocco, France and the USA visited the farm this weekend, where they were able to meet A.DEHROUR, the technical director, who, every day, organizes the work of more than 120 pickers, who make every effort to ensure the products arrive at the Saladbars in record time.

There is never more than 8 hours between the picking and the consumer, in comparison with our competitors’ average of 3 days. This avoids the products spending time in cold rooms, which kill vitamins.


As soon as the harvest is finished, the products are sent to the preparation laboratory, where another team prepares and packages the ingredients, which are then be distributed to the saladbars in real time.


Our 200 m2, ultra-modern laboratory allows for a supply capacity of more than 200 Green units all over the world, thanks to its strategic location.

An open day for the network members is scheduled for 12 November: some have already reserved their places!

We invite the most inquisitive among you to sign up now, by sending an email to Annie Guerin (partner@greenisbetter.fr).


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Cheers !


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