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Healthy fast-food is the new trend in the food industry

Since 2006, and every single day, more than 40,000 customers create their own healthy salads with hundred of fresh ingredients « French touch » labelized

What makes customers come to Green Is Better again-and-again ?

  • The choice of personalizing their own salads
  • We do not offer “a la carte” salads unlike other salad chains restaurants
  • Customers are free to decide their own salads using a variety of fresh ingredients.

Green up your life by becoming one of us !

Junk food is no longer fashionable, healthy food is the new trend, and will remain a very exciting challenge for years to come !

We have succeeded in becoming a fast-growing chain in no time.

Why ? Because our unique business model is extremely simple and easy ! and you can set up your own Green Is Better franchise with only a small investment

Tired of your sad job  ? Want to run your own restaurant ?

Green Up Your Life and Join a worldwide time-tested and highly effective model

The Green Benefits


Low initial investment with quick ROI

Green Is Better possesses strong margins, attractive returns and several forms of recurring revenue. You can also rely on our financing experts ! They are here to help you build your business plan and assist you with bankers.

One of the fastest mushrooming fast food franchise companies over the globe

Even with an international presence, we’re not done growing !
Are you ready to secure a great lifestyle for you and your family by providing an essential food service on the planet ?

Easy to manage and operate

Our  “urban” version, ease of menu preparation and ordering of product, coupled with a thorough and meticulous training at the Green Academy makes it possible that you are well prepared and fortified the minute you first open your restaurant !
Green Is Better has a proven formula for success, both operationally, and of course, financially.

Professional Support

We are with you at every step of the way. Right from the application process to product assortment and layout planning, our experts will guide you at every stage of the franchise setting up process. We will share with you our amazing product range and the secrets to run the first international salad franchise.


Maria Ingrid open their 3rd Green In Santiago (Chile)

Javier & Maria

Multi-Unit franchisees in Santiago (CHILE)

“When we first started to look into franchising, we were overwhelmed at all the choices and soon started to doubt that we would do anything.
And we wanted absolutely find a franchisor that gives free rein to our creativity. Green helped clear the clouds and educated me on the world of franchising. Thanks to you I couldn’t be happier with the support and training the franchisor has provided…”