Who is Green ?


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Eating healthy and green is the latest trend in the food industry

What makes Green Is Better so unique ?

It’s in the “French cuisine country” that the concept was conceived in 2006, and it was not a daunting task to bring customers to the realization of the fact that it’s possible to eat organic foods and almost in a gastronomic way.

Every single day this amount to more than 40,000 customers in 21 countries that create their own healthy salads with hundred of fresh ingredients « French touch » labelized

What makes customers come to Green Is Better again-and-again ?

  • The choice of personalizing their own salads
  • We do not offer “a la carte” salads unlike other salad chains restaurants
  • Customers are free to decide their own salads using a variety of fresh ingredients.


Visit us once, and you’ll come back to become a Green partner !

Green up your life by becoming one of us !

Junk food is no longer fashionable, healthy food is the new trend, and will remain a very exciting challenge for years to come !

We have succeeded in becoming a fast-growing chain in no time.

Why ? Because our unique business model is extremely simple and easy ! and you can set up your own Green Is Better franchise with only a small investment

Think it’s time to drop with your job and start a new adventure with the best restaurant franchise ? Tired of your sad job that make you feel frustrated and unfulfilled all week long ?

If yes ? Join the green community by setting up your own franchise and becoming your own boss today !

Green Is Better can be your health sanctuary in the world of franchise.

Happy Daily Customers
Delicious Salads Built
Countries converted to Green
Green Fans

The Saladbar concept At-A-Glance

Implantation Green Is Better

What is the minimum surface area required for a GREEN saladbar ?

Green Is Better avoids wastefulness. With Green, inventories are reduced to the barest minimum. Not only does this reduce the capital costs and expenses of our franchisees, it also makes service delivery more efficient.
The smallest Green restaurant currently opened is operating with only 376 square feet (35 m2) ! The largest Green is 2690 Square feet (250 m2).

Green plant and green is better background in Chile

Why do lenders like the Green is Better concept ?

People wanting to open a restaurant are very often faced with reluctance (justified) from lenders or co-owners who are afraid that they will have to undergo unpleasant odors, noise and visual images.The Green is Better concept presents lenders with vast and enormous advantages.


Green Is Better toppings buffet

Will I need a cook ? Are the toppings are really low-fat ?

The menus are assembled every morning (from 10 to 11.30 a.m.) by food preparers. No training as a cook is required, as a result of the fact that all the dishes and recipes are created and tested by our “french chefs”.
Hasta la Vista, Junk Food : Say goodbye to those harmful calories and cholesterol. Give your body what it deserves by switching to a healthier and trendier alternative with Green Is Better salads.

Focaccia with prosciutto crudo

Does Green Is Better offer a sandwich menu ?

Yes it does ! And you won’t get it this fresh anywhere else. Made completely from organic ingredients grown on eco-friendly farms, this delicacy will enhance your salad experience.

The Wonderfood™ : French recipes certified.

Since 2006

The Green Benefits


Low initial investment with quick ROI

Green Is Better possesses strong margins, attractive returns and several forms of recurring revenue.

You can also rely on our financing experts ! They are here to help you build your business plan and assist you with bankers.

A Fulfilling Experience

Have you always waited for that opportunity to release your ambitious energy and your enterprising skills to the world ? Well here’s an opportunity knocking at your door. Empower yourself ! Put your food service or managerial experience to the test and take up the opportunity of a lifetime. We are sure you will never regret it.

One of the fastest mushrooming fast food franchise companies all over the globe

Even with more than 21 countries around the world, we’re not done growing !
Are you ready to secure a great lifestyle for you and your family by providing an essential food service on the planet ?

Easy to manage and operate

Our  “urban” version, ease of menu preparation and ordering of product, coupled with a thorough and meticulous training at the Green Academy makes it possible that you are well prepared and fortified the minute you first open your restaurant !
Green Is Better has a proven formula for success, both operationally, and of course, financially.

International Adaptive Business Model

The Green Is Better customary system standards may vary from country to country. That’s why we built our international business model to be flexible and easily adaptable, and to also reflect a country’s specific requirements if needed.

Professional Support

We are with you at every step of the way. Right from the application process to product assortment and layout planning, our experts will guide you at every stage of the franchise setting up process. We will share with you our amazing product range and the secrets to running the first international salad franchise.


Franchisee in Aubagne (FRANCE) since 1978
“the franchisor holds in his hand all necessary tools for the development, support, and the success of our restaurants, while limiting the risks. Training a new concept, the daily support of a motivated team on many issues strongly motivated me to choose Green is Better

Javier & Maria

Multi-Unit franchisees in Santiago (CHILE)
“When we first started to look into franchising, we were overwhelmed at all the choices and soon started to doubt that we would do anything.
And we wanted absolutely find a franchisor that gives free rein to our creativity.
Green helped clear the clouds and educated me on the world of franchising. Thanks to you I couldn’t be happier with the support and training the franchisor has provided…”


Multi-Unit franchisee in Lyon (FRANCE)
“The Green Is Better operating system makes it possible for me to walk in to any of my restaurants knowing that I will see the exact same level of high quality product everywhere I go in my market. Knowing my restaurants operate with that level of consistency gives me more time to do what I do best — make sure my guests are happy.”


Multi-Unit franchisee in Paris (FRANCE)
“Green Saladbar doesn’t have a customer base like most restaurants. we have a fan base. Our fans are incredibly loyal to the brand and make Green Is Better a regular part of their work-week schedule. As a multi-unit franchisee, this is a tremendous asset.”


Master-Franchisee in UAE
“Green Saladbar is a detail- oriented company managed by ingenious and passionate executives. I thank the team behind this outstanding and imaginative concept of unlimited possibilities. A true recipe for success !! “

Gaspin GALO

Franchisee in Quito (Ecuator)
“Buying a Green franchise changed my lives.

With the economy going through tough times, I needed to diversify.Green Is Better now gives me a future in a thriving fast food and wellness industry. The Green Team made it easy even though I had no experience in the fast food industry whatsoever”


Green Is better associate in Asuncion (Paraguay)
“I wanted to have a business with unlimited opportunity. I want to be my own boss! Green was my choice!” “Green gave me all the tools to grow my business and earn the kind of money I wanted!


Franchisee in FWI
“Green gave me all the tools to be successful. The marketing and support helped me to reach my goals for the business way ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Green to anyone ! “

Join the Green Community


Becoming a Green Partner, is all about investing yourself in the company, by bringing your skills and your motivation to manage a team, and run your Green is Better restaurant in 100% autonomy.

We bring :

  • “know-how” of the first worldwide salad bar franchise
  • The French cuisine tricks & secrets
  • Architect’s renderings
  • Personalized help with global case up to the “grand opening”
  • Help with external consultants and brokers
  • Exclusive territories
  • And much more..

Don’t be left behind and apply today  !

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